As you can see, we are at IFF - International Federal Film (aka THE AGENCY).

The sections of this website I have given the names of the sections and departments of IFF in the series. You can use the Georgetown Elevator to visit all areas. Or click on the link to the famous Q-Bureau.
On the right panel you find more links to the outside of IFF, such as Amanda’s home in  Arlington, VA and the Peppertree Mall.

On this Fanpage you can find several different episode guides, information about the cast and other fun stuff, reviews, interviews, forums, links to other fanpages and much more.

Visit the Internal Affairs section to learn what’s new on this website. The content of every section is still under construction and more information, texts and stuff will be added continuously.

Some of the sections include information, which are for private use only and put into a SECURITY DATA ACCESS AREA. If you’d like to get full access, please sign up to become a member of this fanpage. It is free and very easy. Visit the Quartermaster to get more information.

If you would like to contact me or comment on this fanpage, please visit the Communications section. I’d be glad to read from you!

Attention please!
This website will be worked on, updated and reloaded during the next few weeks due to the new European GDPR. Some areas or the whole website may not be available for a while. I hope to get everything runnig again soon.
Thanks for your kind understanding!



A very special thanks goes to the ladies of the Scarecrow & Mrs. King Forum. Without your help this fanpage would have never been possible. I’m so glad to have found you!

Enjoy your visit and if you know more SMK fans, tell them about this website!

Have a lot of fun!



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