Dana (IWSOD) is a great Australian fan, who writes a terrific blog, which you have to visit, if you’d like to read a lot of fun recaps and interpretations of SMK. Just like me she’s been doing a lot of thinking about the correct episode order and came up with her very own episode guide. So far she has figured out her episode order for season 1. Seasons 2 to 4 are to follow.

01 The first Time
02 There goes the Neighbourhood
03 The ACM Kid
04 Magic Bus
05 If thoughts could Kill
06 Sudden Death
07 Always look a gift horse in the mouth
08 Service above and Beyond
09 Saved by the bells
10 The Long Christmas Eve
11 Remembrance of things past *
12 I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy*
13 Lost and Found
14 The Artful Dodger
15 Dead Ringer
16 The Mole
17 Savior
18 Filming Raul
19 Weekend
20 Waiting for Godorsky
21 Fearless Dotty
22 Charity Begins at Home

Links for explanation and interpretation:

Episodes 1-9:

Episodes 10-13:

Episodes 14-21 (22):

Dana, thank you very much for sharing your insights on my fanpage. Keep up the good work!


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Lee: Yes, Amanda …Danger, excitement, intrigue …
(The ACM Kid)


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