Amanda goes back to Lee’s place, sits there with the newspaper, rambles about different job opportunities, and - yes - she's drinking milk! 

He gets awfully rough to her to get her out only minutes later, but in the first place he didn't object to letting her into the appartment. And according to the fact that she sits at the kitchen counter and drinks a glas of milk, he must have offered her both. That means he wasn't uncomfortable to have her there. Okay, it may not have been the best idea since his appartmant was bugged, but hey, this is smk ...

So he let her in. Into his appartment - and figuratively into his life? That's an interesting thought, considering he later calls her a friend.

Screencaps and quotes all from the episode “The First Time”.
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... you see, sometimes what people don't say is a lot more revealing than what they do say …
(Waiting for Godorsky)


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