Alwasy Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

I think that Lee must have had impeccable manners even in season 1, otherwise he would not have reached the status of a womanizer. But, it's right, he didn't use them on Amanda. Or at least not after "The First Time", because during the scene at the party he was very attentive. (Although his attention seemed to drift away twice when Celeste and the other woman appeared.)

Maybe he thought it was unnecessary to be such a gentleman to Amanda. She was nothing but a housewife from Arlington for him, at least in the beginning. And maybe that he felt a kind of need to protect her right from the start, or maybe even something more that he didn't realize, identify and even less admit to anbody including himself, made him unconsciously act even ruder towards her. That could have been a kind of self-protection: "If I am bad to her, nobody including me would be able to realize that I like her."

And there's another point that came right to my mind, while I was watching SAAB. The more their friendship grew, the better became his behaviour/manners. Okay, but it took a while until this change started. First his manners were really rude, sometimes I had loved to slap his face. Amanda on the other side sometimes complained about his manners (but mostly to herself, not to him), but she kind of accepted them as a part of his character. And maybe that's one of the things that made him relax in her company and drop his guard more and more often. He just could be like he was or like he wanted with her. She put up with it like a friend. She was a friend. Noboby he had to impose on or who would judge him.

That's a thing I appreciate very much in their relationship. Right from the start they got to know every detail of the other's character, even the worst, but they still stayed friends and became closer and closer. Or maybe not "still" but just "because of that"?



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