3. If Thoughts Could Kill




Directed by

James Frawley




Brad Buckner

Written by:

Eugenie Ross-Leming


Tom Sawyer



Episode Cast (in credits order)




Kate Jackson

Mrs. Amanda King

Bruce Boxleitner

Lee Stetson

Beverly Garland

Dorothy 'Dotty' West

Mel Stewart

Billy Melrose

Martha Smith

Francine Desmond

Greg Morton

Jamie King

Paul Stout

Phillip King



Rest of cast listed alphabetically:




Henry Darrow

Alec Belmont

Michael Fairman

Dr. Theodore Glaser

Jill Jaress


Stephen Lee

Dr. Ogden Chrysler

Sandy Martin

Nurse Chapman

Liz Sheridan

Lydia Lowell

I.D. Section

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Amanda: I don’t know how anyone could mistake me for you. You’re so much taller.
(Saved by the Bells)

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